Cyber Safety Essentials

Start Date : January 20, 2021
Course Duration :
Course Type : Self paced
Course Validity : 90 days


Cyber Safety Essential for All

Scope & Objectives

  • Safely use a social networking account. Avoid online scams.
  • Help secure your credit card information from being stolen when you shop online.
  • Identify common tech abuses such as sexting, constant messaging, cyberbullying etc. and take preventive actions to stop it.
  • Create strong passwords and protect your email or website accounts from being hacked.
  • Help you understand the importance of System updates and Anti-viruses for e­ffective use.
  • Help you protect your smartphone from virus and privacy threats of mobile apps.
  • Securely use Wi-Fi networks at your home, office or public places.
  • Understand how your online actions can hurt others and a­ffect you reputation and life.

Defend from hackers and ensure your online life is safe and secure.

Faux Paws Adventures in the Internet
Having friends on Facebook?
Privacy settings on Facebook
Configuring Facebook Privacy Settings Correctly
Online Reputation
What are cookies?
Cleaning cookies
How to do Private Browsing?
Shopping Online Safely
Online Shopping Tips
Do you really have a private life online?
Internet Safety Review
What is Spam
Online Selling Scam
Romance Scam
Lottery Scam
What is Phishing
Game - Phishing
Game - Online Line up
Identity Theft
What is Sexting?
Sexting - Draw your line
Constant Messaging - What is it?
Spying - What is it?
Spying - Draw your line
Digital Disrespect - What is it?
Digital Disrespect - Draw your line
Cruelty - What is it?
Cruelty - Draw your line
Cyber Bullying - What is it?
Stop Cyberbullying
How to beat Cyberbullies
Mobile App Basics
Privacy Issues
Malwares and Security Concerns
What are malwares?
Computer Security Introduction
Creating Strong Passwords
Using an Antivirus
Public Wi-fi Networks
Using Automatic Updates