Category : IoT

IoT Foundation Course

Start Date : December 17, 2020
Course Duration : 45
Course Type : Self paced
Course Validity : 1 year


This IoT Foundation course, Aligned to Competency Standards developed by SSC NASSCOM in collaboration with Industry and approved by Government.

Foundational Curriculum for Internet of Things is aimed at upskilling those who have a basic understanding of programming or electronics, to help them expand their knowledge and learn the fundamentals of IoT technologies at a foundation level. This Curriculum has been divided into five modules. While the first is an introductory module, the remaining four each correspond to the different layers of the IoT tech stack.

Scope and Objective

Enable students to explore the fundamentals of IoT, to provide them with a base from where they can upskill themselves for specific IoT job roles

Intended Audience

  • University students enrolled in streams such as Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Sciences or Mathematics
  • Employed professionals who wish to explore their career options and interests with regards to IoT
  • Enthusiasts curious about understanding the hype behind IoT


Familiarity with writing code using at least one programming language, or a basic understanding of sensors and microcontrollers.

Recommended Job Roles

After completing this program, participants are suggested to explore entry-level roles such as IoT – Embedded Analyst, IoT – Software Analyst and IoT – Test Analyst

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the role of IoT in transforming businesses and customer use cases
  • Discuss key application areas of IoT such as remote monitoring, asset tracking, production optimization, predictive maintenance and the development of new products and services
  • Explain the various layers of the IoT stack and explain what constitutes an IoT architecture
  • Discuss the applications of various components used in IoT solutions (such as sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, circuit boards, embedded chips, gateways, cloud platforms, etc.)
  • Understand the applications of embedded systems and appreciate the importance of embedded devices as data acquisition devices
  • Discuss various IoT communications protocols and determine best fit for different IoT applications
  • Discuss the different models of cloud computing (i.e., IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Discuss the possible uses of analytics solutions to leverage data generated by IoT
  • Evaluate the basic principles of security design and architecture and the commonly used methods to mitigate security risks to IoT solutions

List of Tools and Protocols Suggested

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NFC, MQTT, CoAP, NB-IoT, Bluetooth/BLE, ZigBee, Mesh, Lora, 5G, Wi-Fi, GSM, GPRS, Excel, R, Python

Total Curriculum Duration

45 hours (32 hours theory + 6 hours practical + 7 Hours Quizzes)

Lesson 1: Introduction to IoT
Theory - Video Introduction to IoT
Quiz Introduction to IoT
Lesson 2: IoT Trends and Applications
Theory - Video IoT Trends and Applications
Quiz IoT Trends and Applications
Lesson 3: IoT Stack, Applications and Data Managem...
Theory - Video IoT Stack, Applications and Data Management
Quiz IoT Stack, Applications and Data Management
Lesson 1: Embedded system in Real and Digital life
Theory - Video Embedded system in Real and Digital life
Quiz Embedded system in Real and Digital life
Lesson 2: Components of IoT Devices
Theory - Video Components of IoT Devices
Quiz Components of IoT Devices
Lesson 3: Fundamentals of Sensors and Interfacing ...
Theory - Video Fundamentals of Sensors and Interfacing in Microcontroller
Quiz Fundamentals of Sensors and Interfacing in Microcontroller
Lesson 4: Fundamentals of Actuators and its interf...
Theory - Video Fundamentals of Actuators and its interfacing
Quiz Fundamentals of Actuators and its interfacing
Lesson 5: Fundamentals Microcontrollers
Theory - Video Fundamentals Microcontrollers
Quiz Fundamentals Microcontrollers
Lesson 6: Programming the Microcontroller
Theory - Video Programming the Microcontroller
Quiz Programming the Microcontroller
Lesson 7: IoT Based Smart Energy Management  ...
Theory - Video IoT Based Smart Energy Management System
Quiz IoT Based Smart Energy Management System
Lesson 8: Legal Compliance Management
Theory - Video Legal Compliance Management
Quiz Legal Compliance Management
Practical Activity: Write simple programs for exec...
Practical - Video My first IoT program
Practical Continuation part-2
Practical Continuation part-3
Lesson 1: IoT Networking and Communications
Theory - Video IoT Networking and Communications
Quiz IoT Networking and Communications
Lesson 2: Fundamentals of IoT networks 
Theory - Video Fundamentals of IoT networks
Quiz Fundamentals of IoT networks
Lesson 3: Deployment Model
Theory - Video Deployment Model
Quiz Deployment Model
Lesson 4: Wired/wireless connectivity protocol
Theory - Video Wired/wireless connectivity protocol
Quiz Wired/wireless connectivity protocol
Lesson 5: Characteristics of connectivity protocol
Theory - Video Characteristics of connectivity protocol
Quiz Characteristics of connectivity protocol
Lesson 1: Cloud Computing in IoT
Theory - Video Cloud Computing in IoT
Quiz Cloud Computing in IoT
Lesson 2: IoT Data Management
Theory - Video IoT Data Management
Quiz IoT Data Management
Lesson 3: IoT Data Analytics 
Theory - Video IoT Data Analytics
Quiz IoT Data Analytics
Lesson 4: Python in IoT
Theory - Video Python in IoT
Quiz Python in IoT
Lesson 5: IoT Cloud
Theory - Video IoT Cloud
Quiz IoT Cloud
Practical Activity: Perform a hands-on activity (s...
Practical - Video Data - Log management using cloud services
Practical Continuation part-2
Practical Continuation part-3
Lesson 1: IoT Security
Theory - Video IoT Security
Quiz IoT Security
Lesson 2: IoT Security Framework
Theory - Video IoT Security Framework
Quiz IoT Security Framework
Lesson 3: IoT Privacy and Risks
Theory - Video IoT Privacy and Risks
Quiz IoT Privacy and Risks
Lesson 4: IoT Components and Principles
Theory - Video IoT Components and Principles
Quiz IoT Components and Principles
Lesson 5: IoT Overview, Penetration Testing, and O...
Theory - Video IoT Overview, Penetration Testing, and OWASP Top 10
Quiz IoT Overview, Penetration Testing, and OWASP Top 10
Practical Activity: Discuss security framework gui...
Practical - Video IoT security framework guidelines