Category : Blockchain

Foundation Course in Blockchain Technology

Start Date : July 10, 2021
Course Duration : 45 Hours
Course Type : Self paced
Course Validity : 1 year


This Blockchain Foundation course, Aligned to Competency Standards developed by SSC NASSCOM in collaboration with Industry and approved by Government.

The Course is aimed at upskilling those who have passion towards learning emerging technologies. Any individual with a basic understanding of programming, digital transactions & application development shall expand their knowledge & skills in Blockchain Technology. This course introduces  concepts & foundation required to understand the Blockchain Ecosystem.

Course Description

  • This Course has been divided into four modules. The first module provides the introduction and concepts required to understand Blockchain Technology. The rest of the module provides in depth working and development process involved in various levels.
  • This course enables the learner to understand the scope and purpose of Blockchain Technology, Cryptography and Economical Concepts behind this Technology. This course also provide necessary skills to develop an application and deploy on Blockchain like Ethereum.
  • Tools Covered shall include: Cryptowallets like Bitcoin Core, Metamask; Ganache, Truffle Framework, Remix Online IDE and Introduction to Solidity Programming


  • Familiarity with writing code using at least one programming language.
  • Basic understanding Database Technology.
  • Familiarity with Traditional Financial Transactions. 
  • Basics of Cryptography.

Course Outline

The Course consists of 4 Modules followed by Final Knowledge Check. In addition Knowledge Check is also provided in between sections within the Module. Module 2 and Module 3 also includes Hands-On Practical Lab Exercises. 

  • Module 1: Introduction to Blockchain Technology
  • Module 2: Blockchain Architecture
  • Module 3: Blockchain Development
  • Module 4: Blockchain Usecases

Each Modules and sections within provides interesting Did you know? facts, Suggested Reading and In-Video Lectures from Experts in the corresponding domains. 

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the learner will be able to

  • Define Blockchain Technology.
  • Define various Characteristics of Blockchain Technology.
  • Define various concepts that forms the basis for Blockchain Technology.
  • Discuss various Types and Generations of Blockchain Technology.
  • Explain the overall Architecture and components of a generic Blockchain Architeture. 
  • Understand and Explain the differences between Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.
  • Demonstrate the idea behind Tokenomics and Cryptoeconomics.
  • Discuss the Fundamentals of Quering, Digital Signature and Cryptographic Hash Function.
  • Demonstrate the working of Cryptowallets like Bitcoin Core and Metamask.
  • Discuss and able to identify the application suitability for Blockchain adoption using Decision Tree.
  • Demonstrate various tools like Ganache and Truffle Framework in Blockchain Development.
  • Demonstrate smart contract development using Solidity Programming. 
  • Demonstrate the creation of Distributed Applications (DApps).
  • Understand and Perform Security Assessment for Smart Contracts.
  • Understand the various usecases and applications of Blockchain Technology.

Target Audience

  • University students enrolled in streams such as Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Sciences, Mathematics and Management.
  • Working professionals who wish to explore their career options and switch to Blockchain Technology.
  • Enthusiasts curious about understanding the hype behind Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.


Blockchain, Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Solidity Programming, Blockchain Applications

Course Duration (in Hours): 45

Introduction to Blockchain Technology Block 1
Blockchain Architecture Block 2
Blockchain Development Block 3
Blockchain Use Cases Block 4